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Kerri Wilson has been a qualified ocularist since 1995. She trained at Sydney Hospital/ Sydney Eye Hospital under senior ocularist Emily Crampton Smith and
Dr Jim Fisher of the United Dental Hospital.

Kerri has practised in both public and private clinics including a managerial role for eight years. Kerriā€™s aim is to create beautifully crafted, hand painted, artificial eyes which provide optimal comfort and appearance for the eye wearer.

Kerri Wilson Ocular Prosthetics is able to offer a free initial consultation where your needs will be discussed in a caring and confidential environment.

We understand the loss of an eye can be both traumatic and debilitating. Adjusting to single eye (monocular) vision may also take time. For most people, having a prosthesis fitted will help enormously with self image and confidence during this period of adjustment.