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Caring for your artificial eyes

The artificial eye only needs to be removed if it is causing discomfort or for cleaning.
Every six months you will need to visit your eye maker to have the prosthesis professionally cleaned and polished in order to remove a build up of protein and calcium which naturally occurs over time.

Keeping the prosthesis clean will help to ensure the socket stays clean and healthy.

To remove an artificial eye:

Looking up, depress lower lid and wipe finger towards ear sliding the prosthesis
free from the eye socket.

Remove the prosthesis with your free hand.

To insert an artificial eye:

Raise the upper eyelid using thumb or forefinger.

Gently place artificial eye under top lid using other hand.

Gently pull lower lid forward until the eye drops into place behind both lids.

Artificial eyes can be removed with the aid of a suction cup.

A suction cup can be purchased from your eye maker if preferred.

Your eye maker will talk you through this process on your second visit.