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First Appointment

This will usually occur 8-10 weeks after surgery.

The eye maker will take details regarding colour, size and shape for the prosthesis and discuss the process and best possible outcome with each client.

Follow Up Appointments

The new eye is usually fitted on the second visit to the eye maker.

The client will be shown how to care for the prosthesis and may need to return for minor adjustments as socket changes often occur during the first twelve months.

After twelve months a new artificial eye will be made which will not need to be replaced for approximately five years.

Making Appointments

Please telephone the clinic during office hours of 9am - 5pm.

After 5pm the answer phone will take messages and calls will be returned the following working day.

Saturday morning and after hours appointments are available by arrangement with the eye maker. If you are unable to attend the clinic due to illness or disability access, home or hospital visits may be arranged with the eye maker.